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When looking to buy a homeowner insurance policy, there are a few basics principles you should understand.  While media is constantly bombarding us with information about homeowners insurance on a daily basis, how much do we actually know about this important coverage? READ MORE >>

Last week a customer of ours asked to sit down with me to go over her policy.  For purposes of privacy, we’ll call her Joan.  Joan came into the office concerned about an accident she had been involved in a week or so prior.  Fortunately there were no injuries from the accident. READ MORE >>

Red Gorman Insurance has “HIT” the big time!   For the past 3 years we have invested a lot of time, energy and money toward having a presence on Google.  We all love Google for its quick and easy list of the highest profile information based on your search criteria. READ MORE >>

Preparing for that Summer road trip? Here’s what you need to know… About 16 years ago my son and I took a trip up to Colorado during one of the coldest times of the year.  We witnessed some beautiful scenery with amazing pines, mountains and of course, snow. READ MORE >>

So this morning as I walked in my office I found 5 bags and a small box containing (oh how I love them) glazed doughnuts.  So just to be upfront, I knew about the doughnuts yesterday.  My son was going to beat the streets of Oak Cliff looking for 6 different bakeries. READ MORE >>

When most folks find out that a person needs a bond, they tend to think he’s in trouble with the law.  But people in the know might mention that perhaps the young man is in the building business and needs a surety bond for a job he is bidding on. Both are right, but surety bonds go much further. READ MORE >>

Having a home-based business is wonderful: you're never more than steps away from your work, you can work around your schedule and you have fewer expenses since you're not renting an office space. But many kitchen table entrepreneurs don't realize the vast difference between business insurance and their homeowners or renters insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Some renters mistakenly believe everything inside their apartment is insured under the landlord's policy. If you rent a home or an apartment, your landlord is responsible for plumbing issues, bug infestations, vandalism or any damages caused to the building itself—but not your personal possessions. READ MORE >>

Drivers attempt to eat, read, discipline children and apply makeup while driving. All of these activities are dangerous and can result in an accident. In recent years, the increasing popularity of cell phones and texting has resulted in a significant increase in distracted driving. READ MORE >>

Chilly weater is tough on a car battery. Cold temperatures impact the power the battery provides. Batteries that are not properly maintained may fail. No one wants to get stuck with a dead car battery on a very cold day. Consider the following tips to keep your car battery strong. READ MORE >>

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